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Cost of Care At Dahl Chiropractic we strive to provide the best quality care at the lowest price possible. We work with all budgets and take monthly payment to ease the cost of your care.


Do you accept my insurance?

We work with most insurance companies. We will call your insurance company and get quote of benefits during your initial visit so you know how much it will cost before you’re seen.

I don’t have insurance. How much will it cost me?

We offer discounts to patients who pay out of pocket for their treatment. In addition to the discounts we often run specials, so give us a call to see what promotions we have running.

I was involved in a car accident. Do I have to pay for my treatment?

No. We work off a lien bases which means we wait for payment until your case settles.

I was injured at work. Do I pay for treatment or does my employer?

There are steps that you have to take to file a Work Comp claim, but our office staff will help you through the process. Once a claim has been filed we will work with you to have your care authorized.

I know chiropractic care isn’t just for people who are in pain and I want to come in for Wellness Adjustments. Do you offer discounts for patients who come in regularly?

Yes! We have three unique Wellness Plans that have been designed to make your visits fast and easy. Starting at just $29 a month they are the most affordable way to receive the care you need.

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